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Only wonderful and positive things were surrounding Rick and Helen prior to that New Years Eve 1985. He was working on a new album he also was offered a part in a new TV series.

It was a TV series about three men who were single divorced dads. It was going to be set in a beach community and his character was dating or his love interest was the local school teacher in the series. He was really excited about the part and he brought the script out and asked if I would read script with him. He said “you read the part of the school teacher”.

He read his lines perfectly and I was looking at him and I tried to read my part of the script only to trip up, stutter and laugh out loud.

Only because he was in full character and serious. He laughed and said let’s do it again. Once again I listened to him read his part then it was my turn, geez more stuttering and laughing. Then we both laughed out loud and I said ” well, I can cross off being an actress on my list of what I want to be when I grow up”. Great times. Miss the laughter

Merry Christmas my friend!!!
From your friend on the inside, Happy Birthday Rick.

Rick and Helen loved the hamburgers at a place called “The Sunset Grill” on Sunset Blvd. Whenever he made burger’s at home he always made them as close to theirs as he could and wrapped each burger in foil. The first time I had one of his burger masterpiece’s was on an Easter Sunday. Rick was the chef and after our meal and great conversation, each of us took turns to use the phone (house) to order flowers for our mom’s and then call our mother’s and family at the table. We didn’t have cell phones…lol. The dining room overlooked the San Fernando valley with a beautiful view and the floor had big black and white squares on the floor but most unique is that we sat on patio furniture. Rick said he hadn’t gotten around to replacing the dining set since the divorce from Kris. He said Harriett had given the patio furniture to use in his dining room. When Rick wasn’t on tour he truly loved to just stay close to home. After we ate and cleaned up the dishes he worked on some things he had to get ready for his next tour and Helen and I ordered some clothes they needed out of a catalog, as Rick and Helen were almost recluse except for touring. It was a very special Easter one I will always cherish and remember. But as fate would have it, it was their last.

I went to Rick’s home for a birthday party (unfortunately his last) with family, and a few close friends.  His cake read “Merry Christmas” as he didn’t like referring to “Birthday”, the cake also was a portrait of Rick’s face Helen used an earlier photo and it was nicely done.  It was so much fun and everyone had such a great time  It was his families tradition where at some point of the birthday gathering,  take a pie pan with whip cream and have it end up in the face of the birthday person.

There is running and chasing involved and a lot of laughter. Harriet brought something called a 24 hr salad (all I remember is that it had peas in it). Which brings me to his gift from his mother. He explained after the party of why he received the green shirt from his mother, he went to put it away in the closet and wanted to show me.  He had a section designated in his closet that had all different types and shades of green clothing, shirts, jackets and blazers.  He said those were all the different items of clothing Harriet bought for him over the years birthdays, Christmas etc, as he said green was her favorite color.  He thought that it was fun and it was just tradition by then. She also arrived in her green Mercedes. Harriet was so sweet and kind.

 He loved to drag out a record put it on the player and play the piano and on his birthday that’s just what he did…Jerry Lee was loud in the house that night.

Gunnar, Mathew and Sam all singing one of thier Dad’s famous songs.  Rick was very proud of you boys and wanted the best for you.  You continue to make him proud.

I was blessed to be very close friends with Rick and Helen for almost 2 yrs until their passing .  I spent an enormous  amount of time with them at Rick’s home at Mulholland, meeting them or going with them to his concerts and or to the studio.

  Rick was a great person, who loved to laugh, play music, cook hamburgers and constantly spoke of his children who he was so proud of. He liked to do fun off the wall things. One example, like the time we put on roller skates and played hockey on his tennis courts.

That was truly a funny experience as I wasn’t great at multi tasking on wheels and ended up on the ground more than once with more than a bruised ego. Rick and Helen on the other hand were quite good at it (I’m sure they did it before).  He enjoyed doing normal everyday things we all take for granted.  To be around someone who is a famous personality, it’s eye opening to see just how wonderful a normal life for them is. We would come back from being out somewhere and once in a while a fan would be parked right in the drive at the gate.  One time this gal from Ohio was parked there when we returned from one of Rick’s local concerts she said she wasn’t moving until Rick came out of the house. I told her Rick was in the car behind her and he wanted to get through the gate. Of course she didn’t believe me, Rick had to get out and show her he was in the vehicle and the poor gal almost fainted. Rick was always such a gracious person and  really cared about his fans. He wouldn’t leave a concert until each autograph was signed and he would listen so intently when they talked to him he truly was a sincere person. I have a lot of wonderful memories and  I miss my friends. This is just the beginning of the stories I want to share. There is much more to come.

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