One of the many concerts I attended with Rick and Helen was at The Crazy Horse Saloon; it most memorable to me as it was close to home in Orange County.  Rick’s performance was great as usual and Helen and I had a blast. It was also the concert I met Rick’s cousin Willie Nelson (not the singer), nice guy.  It was local so many of Rick’s friends and family attended. After the show we made our way to a motor home that was just outside of the venue for Rick.
All the ladies found out that Rick was in the R.V. just outside the Crazy Horse after his concert.  All you could hear were the ladies calling his name and screaming … it was loud. We were deciding how long it would be before we could leave for the local hotel where we were going to stay. I looked out and said to Helen ” it could be a while”. As Rick was the most gracious, sweet person and very humble and he would sign every autograph and visit with everyone after his concerts.
About that time Helen said she had forgotten her jacket back in the Crazy horse and I offered to go back and get it. As I was opening the RV door all you could hear was even louder screaming (I’m sure they were watching the door handle lol). When I completely opened the door there was a loud  awe… in great disappointment that I wasn’t Rick. There had to be close to 65+ women crowding the RV. As I tried to make my way through them they started grabbing at my clothes just because I had been in the RV with Rick. Going back into the motorhome wasn’t a picnic either I might add.  Even in my early 20’s  I was realizing how wonderful anonimity was.