Only wonderful and positive things were surrounding Rick and Helen prior to that New Years Eve 1985. He was working on a new album he also was offered a part in a new TV series.

It was a TV series about three men who were single divorced dads. It was going to be set in a beach community and his character was dating or his love interest was the local school teacher in the series. He was really excited about the part and he brought the script out and asked if I would read script with him. He said “you read the part of the school teacher”.

He read his lines perfectly and I was looking at him and I tried to read my part of the script only to trip up, stutter and laugh out loud.

Only because he was in full character and serious. He laughed and said let’s do it again. Once again I listened to him read his part then it was my turn, geez more stuttering and laughing. Then we both laughed out loud and I said ” well, I can cross off being an actress on my list of what I want to be when I grow up”. Great times. Miss the laughter