Rick and Helen loved the hamburgers at a place called “The Sunset Grill”. Whenever he made burger’s at home he always made them as close to theirs as he could and wrapped each burger in foil. The first time I had one of his burger masterpiece was on Easter Sunday. Rick was the chef and after our meal and great conversation, each of us used the phone to call our mothers and family. The dining room overlooked the valley and had big black and white squares on the floor but most unique is that we sat on patio furniture. Rick said he hadn’t gotten around to replacing the dining set since the divorce from Kris. If I remember correctly he said Harriett had given it to him. When Rick wasn’t on tour he truly loved to just stay close to home. After we ate and cleaned up the dishes he worked on some things he had to get ready for his next tour and Helen and I ordered some clothes they needed out of a catalog, as Rick and Helen were almost recluse except for touring. It was a very special Easter one I will always cherish and remember. But as fate would have it, it was their last.