I went to Rick’s home for a birthday party (unfortunately his last) with family, and a few close friends.  His cake read “Merry Christmas” as he didn’t like referring to “Birthday”, the cake also was a portrait of Rick’s face Helen used an earlier photo and it was nicely done.  It was so much fun and everyone had such a great time  It was his families tradition where at some point of the birthday gathering,  take a pie pan with whip cream and have it end up in the face of the birthday person.

There is running and chasing involved and a lot of laughter. Harriet brought something called a 24 hr salad (all I remember is that it had peas in it). Which brings me to his gift from his mother. He explained after the party of why he received the green shirt from his mother, he went to put it away in the closet and wanted to show me.  He had a section designated in his closet that had all different types and shades of green clothing, shirts, jackets and blazers.  He said those were all the different items of clothing Harriet bought for him over the years birthdays, Christmas etc, as he said green was her favorite color.  He thought that it was fun and it was just tradition by then. She also arrived in her green Mercedes. Harriet was so sweet and kind.

 He loved to drag out a record put it on the player and play the piano and on his birthday that’s just what he did…Jerry Lee was loud in the house that night.